Michel Nostredame


However, the one who has [power], hostile, and doubtful, who [sometimes] is right, in anxiety disorders scolds dying. Event [it comes] after reading these [words]. Meanwhile, from a volcano, that has just swallowed it, and [other] enemies, [comes] the flames. [Heard] their lingering hostile song and [sounds] of agony [already] useless.

(The full text published on the website lipovka.com at December 21, 2012, abbreviated read to the crowd at 18:00 October 5, 2012 in the small hall of the Knowledge Society in str. Vilniaus, 22, Vilnius).

Sacred incantation law against stupid critics

Those who see this verse soon appreciate: bones of the new sacred will carry away from the north, [and] parts of [prophecies] will appreciate, dispose together and use.
The uninitiated, ignorant and stupid, disclose to all – do not touch and do not appropriate [their]:
All kinds of astrologers, dupes and rude barbarians away, are far away,
It will make the second, which is the same, rightly dedicated and the secret, he will be doomed victim.