ETRUSCAN and ITALICS WRITINGEtruscan, Italics and Greek initiations, epitaphs, sayings and messages, Etruscan geographical description: “The Ethiopians at the bottom, Judea, Bithynia, Edessa … Samogitian …” and the list of the gods on the Pyrgi tablets 615 BC, the letter in Latin by God Yova on the tomb slab in Tarquinia, prophecies on the tablets from Falerii Novi and on the “Black stone” in the Roman Forum, Slavic inscription 479 BC on the ax from Sibaris.


WRITING of IBERIA: Piers and Iberians aphorisms, epitaphs and messages,  texts on coins and the prophecy of Augustus.


WRITING of GALLIA: German texts on the Glozel tablets, written in Greek characters Gallic epitaphs and letters, Coligny calendar, the prophecy on the Millau plate, Latin aphorisms, epitaphs, messages and notes, Latin-Etruscan epitaph on the Vercelli stela, Etruscan epitaph on the Brion stone, Greek epitaph on the Vaison-la-Romaine stone, Greek, Latin and Gallic aphorisms, epitaphs, epistles and letters, letter in Latin on the Alice Sant Ren stone, texts on coins.


KATS, PELASGIAN and THRACIAN WRITING: Epitaph and the prophecy on the Dispilio Tablet 5260±40 BC, a priest song on the Phaistos Disc, the inscriptions on the Cretan and Mycenaean seals 2160-1200 BC, Hermes message on the Petsofa hairpins, letters and reports of 18th-15th centuries BC in Linear A script, Thracian epitaphs and aphorisms.